After more than 30 years of market experience, Uwe Becker found the company Becker Insulation GmbH at its headquarters in Bippen beginning of 2013. Investments in machines and plants followed, as well as the expansion of our storage areas and the construction of a new production hall in 2018. Becker Insulation is your expert in high-temperature insulation materials for plant and industrial furnace construction. Thanks to our innovative and diverse product range, consisting of microporous insulation boards, ceramic fibre products, furnace gaskets and our assembly at the customer's site, we have succeeded in becoming a well-known supplier of efficient solutions.

With our microporous MB1000 thermal insulation materials, we are able reduce your production and energy cost significantly.

Our company offers the development of customer-specific insulation products within short time, as well as the prototyping of refractory materials produce regarding to your request. Due to the high flexibility in our production and the sophisticated logistics, we are also able to produce and deliver special products within short. With our customer-oriented solutions we increase the efficiency of your plants and reduce your production costs. Our vision is to always be the innovation-oriented company that always offers you the added value and service you want.

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